For Dr Yang Qingming, there’s nothing worse than feeling powerless to help. This was the situation he was facing with his patient Jin, who had experienced numerous periods of remission followed by a return of her lymphoma. Finally he ran out of treatment options. Jin’s mother had read an article about a new drug for Hodgkin’s lymphoma and Yang confirmed that it would be a good option. Unfortunately, it was only approved in the US and Jin would need to be in America to access it, but she was too weak to travel. So started a chain of events that led Yang and the family through discussions with contacts in the US, Germany, the UK, and eventually to Idis. Within days of completing their paperwork, the first course of treatment had arrived. After just one week Jin’s fever was gone, she had stopped coughing, and the pain had eased. It was a tremendous change and it surprised everyone, not least of all her mother, who had started to fear that she would lose her daughter. Jin is now in complete remission, and Yang has found more doctors and patients coming to him looking for answers.